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<i>702</i> to host <i>Walk The Talk</i>virtually

702 to host Walk The Talkvirtually


702 has called on individuals to attend the Walk The Talk with the station. People from around South Africa and the world can join the walk-in support for those affected by COVID-19 by entering online. The closing date for entries is Saturday, 7 November at 17:00. 

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Walk The Talk
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<i>OFM</i> dedicates a week of radio to Welkom Week

OFM dedicates a week of radio to Welkom Week


OFM has announced that it is dedicating a whole week of radio to the Goldfields during Welkom Week, which takes place between Monday, 26 October and Friday, 30 October. On 95.7, OFM will engage businesses and listeners to introduce Welkom and OFM’s Welkom operation to a broader audience. 

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Goldfields mall
OFM’s Welkom operation
Goldfields Mall 10th birthday
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Carol Ofori bids farewell to <i>Radio 2 000</i>

Carol Ofori bids farewell to Radio 2 000


Carol Ofori, host of Radio 2 000's daytime show Queens Of Grace With Carol Ofori, has announced that she will be leaving the station at the end of the month. Ofori has indicated that she will be sharing what the future looks like for her in the next few days.

Carol Ofori
Radio 2 000
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Queens Of Grace With Carol Ofori

Every journalist's four worst nightmares [Infographic]

Every journalist's four worst nightmares [Infographic]


Every journalist has nightmares about the media industry, PR professionals and the number of hours spent on the job. media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg takes a look at some of the most common nightmares, as well as how these professionals can solve these particular issues.

Journalists worst nightmares
journalist infographic
journalism and halloween
halloween and journalists nightmares
The worst things about being a journalist

<i>rAge Digital Edition</i> event details released

rAge Digital Edition event details released


The rAge Expo has announced that it will be turning 18. To celebrate this, the event aims to feature new experiences on its online show. The event is free to attend and will take place between Friday, 6 November and Sunday, 8 November. Tickets are available on Howler.  

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Professional journalism versus citizen journalism: What's the difference?

Professional journalism versus citizen journalism: What's the difference?


Professional journalism refers to ethically practiced journalism that is guided by media law, while citizen journalism comes with a few more intricacies.  Either way, they're both part of journalism and strive to inform. 

Citizen Journalists
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<i>YFM's Perspective On Y</i> to reflect on child maintenance

YFM's Perspective On Y to reflect on child maintenance


YFM has announced that it will be shedding light on the controversial but vital discussion of child maintenance. Host of Sunday Feels Xtremme, together with a panel of experts, will lead the discussion and will focus on South African family laws, the rights of a mother, father and child, as well as how these rights are determined by the court. 

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<i>Smile 90.4FM's The Smile Secret Sound</i> announces new winner

Smile 90.4FM's The Smile Secret Sound announces new winner


Smile 90.4FM has announced that its signature station feature The Smile Secret Sound was cracked by local resident Cindy Arendse, who correctly guessed the sound to be 'locking the brake lever of a wheelchair'. Arendse has won R100 000 in association with Lottoland.

Smile 90.4FM
Smile Secret Sound Winner
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The Smile Secret Sound prize

Independent Media’s editors speak up for media freedom

Independent Media’s editors speak up for media freedom


Independent Media and its editors have announced that, to mark the 43rd anniversary of Black Wednesday, it will be hosting a number of webinars that media colleagues and members of the public are invited to participate in. This falls part of its 'We Give Media Freedom a Voice' campaign that aims to enforce the commitment to seek out the truth and share it with readers. 

Indepedant Media editorial team
Independant Media campaign
Black Wednesday South Africa 2020
Black Wednesday webinars SA 2020
We Give Media Freedom a Voice

<i>Hot 91-9FM</i> presents <i>The Hot Local Series</i>

Hot 91-9FM presents The Hot Local Series


Hot 91-9FM, in conjunction with Four Plus Three Productions and MJ Event Gear, has presented The Hot Local, a series of concerts that aim to celebrate the best of South African music live. The series will take place at the Local Bar and Kitchen in Kyalami. 

Hot 91.9FM
Music series SA 2020
The Hot Local Series
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