It is pretty obvious that I am Down Bad for both Taylor Alison Swift and social media tips, so when we found social media tips in TTPD (The Tortured Poets Department), it felt like finding the loml

We might be looking for excuses to keep listening to the new album, but does that make us Guilty as Sin? Who knows …

Identifying all the tips can be quite complicated, but if Taylor Swift can release another masterpiece of an album during her Eras Tour era, then I can do it with a broken heart

Get your headphones ready because Alrika Möller from media update found some poetic social media tips in TTPD




What is your favourite Taylor Swift-issued social media tip? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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Are you hoping for more lessons to learn from Taylor Swift? Look no further! Check out these Social media tips from 1989 Taylor's version [Infographic]

*Images courtesy of Facebook @Taylor swift

**Sources used include Joel Kebber, Teah Hopper and Aim Marketing