media update’s Nakedi Phala discusses the advantages of utilising social media monitoring.   

Social media monitoring aims to help media practitioners, marketers, public relations officers and community managers to measure social media activities about their brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.   

Here are four advantages of using social media monitoring: 

1. It helps your brand stay relevant

In the times of digital shift and heightened consumer expectations, most brands are faced with the loss of brand relevance. In order to grow and beat competitors, you need to adapt to the current social media spectrum. This means that you need to consider consumer needs, pay attention to customer experience and strive to be innovative to remain relevant.

A social media monitoring company like amaSocial can help you track important mentions of your brand regardless of whether a user even uses a @mention or a #hashtag.

They have artificial intelligence-powered technology, which makes it easy to stay ahead of the game!

2. Social media monitoring allows you to stay up to date with campaign tags

To say ahead of the curve, you have to stay up to date with how your brand is doing all the time. That’s why amaSocial has an in-depth reporting feature that shows you the results of your social media activity — your engagement rates, top followers, the geo-location of your followers and much more.

It also offers a brief overview of your brand’s performance, targets that have been reached and a list of potential influencers you could connect with. 

Here are some of the tools used in amaSocial’s brand tracking and reporting: 
  • Content verification: This is used to identify content posted by your brand on social media.
  • Engagement metrics: This helps you to gauge the performance of your posts 
  • Hourly insights: this gives you immediate access to your social media data —  a courtesy feature provided by amaSocial
With constant and effective reporting, you are able to identify the issues in your social media strategy, seek alternative solutions and implement the best solutions for your brand.  

3. It helps you find advocates for your brand 

Social media monitoring can help you find influencers or brand ambassadors. These individuals have dedicated most of their time to engaging with groups, followers and brands on social media.

By using a social media monitoring service, you can track the right influencer for your brand — one that matches up to your brand’s image. 

You can also use the platform to keep an eye on your newly appointed influencers, making sure that their posts are of the right tone and contain the right content.

4. Social media monitoring helps you find and win back your followers 

If you don’t know why you lost your followers, how will you ever win them back? Knowing the reasons why users started unfollowing your page is important.

And this is where social media monitoring comes in to save the day. This tool is used in combination with human interaction and artificial intelligence and can exhume the causes of loss in followers. 

For example, if a customer who’s had a bad experience with your product or service posts on Twitter about how bad your product or service is and then unfollows your page, chances are you won’t pick up on this,

However, the AI-powered technology used in social media monitoring can identify these mentions. In this regard, you then know who left when, giving you the exact information you need to win back your followers and even gain new ones. 

Social media monitoring is an important tool to add to your branding strategy and to have an A+ social media marketing campaign.  

Now that you know what social media monitoring can do for your brand, do you think you’ll be adding this tool to your strategy? Let us know in the comments section below. 

Weshu... oratile ditaba tjarena akere na? Refe maikutlo agago. 

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