The brand says that with increased demand for AirTags in South Africa, Horizen has stepped up to address the pressing need for locally crafted, eco-friendly solutions. Traditional options have fallen short, lacking the resilience and sustainability demanded by today's consumers. 

Founder Calvin Terblanche has underscored the company's commitment to both functionality and ecological responsibility.

"Our vision was to provide a sustainable alternative that mirrors our dedication to the environment, wildlife and local communities."

According to the brand, the cases are designed to endure the toughest outdoor conditions, ensuring the safety of belongings such as hiking gear, bicycles and pets. Each Horizen AirTag Case is crafted in South Africa, reducing carbon emissions associated with international shipping while bolstering the local economy.

Utilising recycled materials by repurposing failed 3D prints into filament, the company says it minimises waste and energy consumption, setting a new standard for sustainable production practices.

The brand adds that with every purchase, Horizen pledges 1% of proceeds to FreeMe Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, supporting the care and rehabilitation of indigenous wildlife species. It aims to offer a diverse array of AirTag case options — including keyrings, bike mounts and dog collar attachments — allowing users to customise their tracking solutions to suit their individual needs and preferences.

Horizen says that customer testimonials underscore the superior quality and authenticity of Horizen's products, epitomising African craftsmanship and innovation.

Beyond providing robust AirTag protection, the company has urged consumers to contemplate the environmental implications of their purchases, advocating for transparency and responsible consumption.

"This launch marks a key moment in South Africa's conservation efforts, echoing our ethos of innovation with integrity. We are committed to being eco-friendly, and we aim to use 100% recycled materials by 2025," Terblanche concludes.

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*Image courtesy of contributor