The new solar plant will help relieve the pressure on the Eskom grid, while greatly reducing the carbon footprint of the plant. This falls in line with Hisense's commitment to sustainable manufacturing.

The solar energy solution will be implemented over the next five years and, once completed, the factory will be completely off-grid and able to solely meet its own energy needs.

The project will involve the installation of more than 2 500 solar panels and result in annual energy production of over 1.9m kWh.

"Ensuring a guaranteed and reliable energy supply is crucial to the long-term sustainability of the plant and will ensure job security for all staff, as well as no loss in productivity due to loadshedding and power outages," says Patrick Hu, marketing director of Hisense South Africa.

"We look forward to the process and a bright future with our new solar-powered factory," concludes Hu.
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