According to the agency, as lockdown restrictions ease to a greater extent under Level 1, thousands of small-to-medium businesses (SMEs) will be vying for consumers' attention.

Sarah Martin, agency director at The Lime Envelope public relations and events agency, says that the antidote to a crowded marketplace is the magic of great PR. 

"South African entrepreneurs and business owners are finally emerging from lockdown after a difficult six months. They have survived and are ready to thrive again," says Martin. "But standing out is going to be quite a challenge as everyone pushes for business."

"So, The Lime Envelope team put our heads together to formulate a 'cure' to the clutter that is specifically aimed at SMEs, who don't have the PR budgets that corporates do."

The package includes:
  • one press release a month
  • a monthly Google Ads / Keyword campaign to improve SEO
  • four social media posts every month, and
  • a monthly email campaign to existing and potential customers.
"Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. But they need all the help they can get right now and we are aiming to give them more of a fighting chance at making their businesses thrive," says Martin. 

"SME PR in a Box allows them to employ their own PR / marketing department in the form of our team at a fraction of what it would normally cost to have such a department in their business. And we have incorporated all the key touchpoints that make consumers stand up and notice," Martin adds.
"Now, more than ever, PR is a must-have for every SME communication strategy. PR shapes the image of a brand, giving it its own unique voice and face in the eyes of its target market. Effective PR comms speaks to the desired customer in a language they understand and relate to, creating a personal connection between brand and consumer," Martin says. 

"People are becoming more resistant to traditional selling techniques. PR is less about direct selling; it is about connecting interesting, relevant content to your brand that makes people stand up and notice," Martin adds.

"At its core, PR is about crafting the ongoing story of your brand in the hearts and minds of your customers, encouraging them engage with your business willingly — no coercion or convincing needed. With this approach, your brand becomes a credible choice that the customer interacts with," concludes Martin. 

The Lime Envelope's SME PR in a Box solution officially launches on Thursday, 1 October and is now available for any SMEs that would like to gain traction in Lockdown Level 1.

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