Cupcakes of Hope is an NPO that gives support to families affected by childhood cancer. The initiative started as a campaign centred around National Cupcake Day last month, and it has since turned into a greater initiative aimed at raising funds for children living with cancer.

According to the NPO, between 800 to 1 000 South African children are currently being diagnosed with cancer annually. The NPO says that it has become important for organisations to focus their time and investments on the cause. 

"It is of huge importance that Defy, as an organisation, consistently gives back to our communities," says Rajan Gungiah, regional marketing director. "Partnering with Cupcakes of Hope to further their on-going commitment to deliver hope across the nation enables us to do our part in making a difference." 

Cupcakes of Hope Foundation aims to provide much-needed financial support to families requiring medical assistance. The new partnership combines delicious cupcakes and digital technology to encourage the community to come together in support of a great cause.

The campaign kicked off on Tuesday, 17 September with a PR launch for media members and social media personalities. Attendees were invited to decorate cupcakes to drive engagement across social media with the official hashtag '#BakeADifference'.

Defy then committed to donating money to the Cupcakes of Hope Foundation for every engagement received on the day. While raising funds and awareness are key to contributing to such a worthy cause, Defy says that educating parents on the early warning signs of childhood cancer is equally as important. "Early detection can help save a child's life. Being aware of the more common signs associated with childhood cancer is, therefore, so important," concludes Gungiah.

According to the Cupcakes of Hope Foundation, here are signs that parents can look out for in children:
  • unexplained reoccurring fevers
  • a sudden change in vision
  • excess bruises, bleeding and rashes
  • frequent headaches and early-morning vomiting
  • persistent infections
For every engagement received, Defy has agreed to donate R1 to the Cupcakes of Hope Foundation, just as they did for the PR launch. Alternatively, those wanting to join in on the fun can also create their own digital cupcake online.

Individuals are encouraged to visit to build a digital version of a cupcake. Then share it with '#BakeADifference'. 

For more information, visit You can also follow Defy on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.