CellCgirl is an award-winning platform created by mobile company Cell C in conjunction with Arc Interactive, a digital marketing agency. The platform strives to provide users with useful tools such as a CV builder, career interest test and locator tool.

Additionally, the site also offers resources such as a downloads page, an 'Ask CellCgirl' for confidential advice page and an 'Opportunities' page, where current bursaries and internships are regularly uploaded. These resources are accompanied by informative weekly articles and social posts about study, life and inspiration, which are written by Arc Interactive's team of writers.

Despite being just a few months old, the CellCgirl website won Silver at the prestigious 2019 Bookmarks Awards in the Brand Commercial and Retail Website category. This win was based on the site's overall design, impact and user experience.

More recently, CellCgirl became home to the Cell C 'Take A Girl Child to Work Day®' online programme, which aims to offer career development courses. The main aim of the development of the courses is to allow young people who can't access the annual 'Cell C Take A Girl Child to Work Day®' programme to still experience the benefits of the workshops.

Since its inception in September 2018, until July, the CellCgirl site reports that it has reached 9.7 million people across all platforms and amassed over 4.3 thousand registered users. The site also reports that there have been just over 8 500 CVs created, 24 000 resources downloaded from the 'Downloads' page and 1 350 AskCellCgirl questions received.

On social media, the brand says that it achieved 17 000 'Likes' on Facebook, over 2 300 followers on Instagram and over 1 400 followers on Twitter.
The dedicated team behind the project is passionate about empowering its audience by creating useful and relevant content and tools for them.

For more information, visit www.cellcgirl.co.za or www.arcinteractive.co.