"We believe in letting kids be kids, that is our philosophy. With the concept, we enter the children's imaginative world, filled with play and adventure, where the clothes take on the role of faithful companions without anything standing in the way of their curiosity," says Linda Olsson, director of global marketing at Lindex.

Olsson adds, "Quality, function and comfortable fit are the core of our much-appreciated kidswear, where we not only design for children but also think like them and look at the world with playful, exploratory and creative eyes."

The film is directed by Sebastian Sandblad and the music is specially written by Andreas Pfannenstill, according to Lindex. 

"Being allowed and encouraged to disappear into fantasy has developed me into who I am today. Situations I've played with and fantasised about, I have subconsciously realised later in life. Playing takes one far, and to be honest, I've never stopped. In this film, we let kids be themselves, and it's fun to come along into their magical, colourful world," concludes Sandblad. 

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*Image courtesy of contributor