The South African-based podcast network produces a range of podcast and vodcast content for loyal audiences tuning into their favourite podcasts each week, says Mediamark Digital. 

"The Podcast and Chill Network partnership solidifies Mediamark's position in the industry as one of the top media sales houses for quality podcasts, at scale. The nature of the audience and the broad range of opportunities for brands to engage with them is unique and massively exciting, bringing the opportunity to creatively reach what we believe is the next generation of social influencers," says Mark Botha, head of digital at Mediamark.

According to Mediamark Digital, The Podcast & Chill Network currently boasts 3.3 million weekly views and 2.3 million unique users. What began with one premiere podcast in 2018, has grown into a network of over five weekly podcasts, produced by some of South Africa's top entertainers. These include: 

  1. Podcast and Chill with MacG — This variety show is focussed on the latest entertainment news and uncovers trending topics or events in South Africa and globally. This flagship show is hosted by the dynamic Macgyver Mukwevho and co-hosted by Sol Phenduka.
  2. Popcorn and Cheese — This comedy show with comedians Robot Boii and Mpho Popps sheds light on serious topics and provides comedic relief, with a touch of inspiration.
  3. Spreading Humours — A captivating and comedic show centered around the vibrant culture of Gen Z, featuring entertainers who resonate with this audience.
  4. Podcast and Chill: Celebrity Edition — An entertainment show that focuses on long-form interviews with celebrities, artists, politicians and sports stars.
  5. Onside Podcast — A sports programme centered around football, showcasing game analyses, expert perspectives and conversations with iconic sports figures.

"Our Podcast Network is redefining media boundaries, attracting audiences in South Africa and beyond that far surpass those of conventional channels. Our partnership with Mediamark enables us to demonstrate innovative ways of connecting brands with our vibrant digital audience, which has grown exponentially in the last year," says Bala Dama, CEO of Podcast & Chill Network.

"Trends show that audiences are hungry for podcast content, so it is exciting that this partnership further cements Mediamark's status as a 'one-stop shop' for the most highly sought-after podcasts in the country. We're excited to offer brands the opportunity to immerse themselves into these popular podcasts," concludes Wayne Bischoff, CEO of Mediamark.

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