It has been said that diplomacy is the art of letting someone else get your way, or that it involves an unnatural amount of smiling. 

Regardless, it takes a level of finesse. That is probably why so many believe media diplomacy is an oxymoron.  

But are they? 

Relax! media update's Alrika Möller gets into the nitty gritty of media diplomacy. 

What is the purpose of diplomacy? 

Diplomacy refers to the talks between countries. These talks can be through formal channels or seemingly informal situations ... Seemingly being the keyword here. 

These talks usually serve political purposes, such as fostering a relationship between countries. That means that it involves a lot of compliments and sugarcoating.

What is the purpose of the media? 

The media is mainly focussed on informing the public about global events. They report the facts regardless of how they will be perceived.

What role can the media play in diplomacy?

Media and diplomacy are two very different ways of communicating with two extremely different audiences, so how can they relate? 


It is important to remember that the media can shape or influence public opinion. That means that it can determine people's opinions regarding a country and its leaders. 

Naturally, diplomats then prefer to use the media to share the message they choose rather than have the media tear them a new one

Media-broker diplomacy

In recent years, the media has often gotten emotionally involved in the situations they report on. When this happens, they get the urge to help in some way. 

Media members can then mediate complex discussions about major issues. This is called media-broker diplomacy, and it has helped country leaders worldwide. 

Media diplomacy plays an incredibly important role in international relations

Diplomacy is taking centre stage with all the current global developments. Have you noticed the media getting involved? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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