This partnership brings together renowned radio stations such as Metro FM, 5FM and Radio 2000 to amplify the festival's energy across the airwaves.

The involvement of Arena Media also welcomes esteemed media publications like Timelive, Sowetan, S Mag and Tshisa Live, further broadening the festival's outreach and influence, according to the festival. 

"We are delighted to welcome Telkom SA, SABC and Arena Media as our partners, enhancing the festival experience for both participants and audiences alike," says Jolene Roelofse, Fluence Africa's founder and festival organiser. 

The second annual Fluence Africa Influencer Festival is poised to be a ground-breaking event, uniting influencers and brands in an unparalleled gathering that is set to take place on Saturday, 20 April at the Hill on Empire in Parktown.

Aimed at empowering influencers with cutting-edge industry insights and fostering relationships with top consumer brands, this festival is set to redefine the influencer landscape, the event says. 

"We are thrilled to announce that the theme for this year's Influencer Festival is 'The Art of Creating', celebrating the innovative spirit and creativity of influencers across Africa," adds Roelofse. 

According to the event, the Art of Creation involves the intricate process of giving birth to something innovative through creativity, imagination and skill.

The event says, "Our focus is on South African artist, Melissa Goba, highlighting her art and how, with the assistance of AI, she merges traditional art with content creation. Our goal is to demonstrate that AI does not aim to replace the artist or content creator; instead, it empowers them by providing new tools, techniques and opportunities for creative expression."

In a world where social media influence is paramount, the festival stands out as a beacon of excellence, offering a platform for influencers to:
  • gain valuable knowledge
  • engage with industry experts, and
  • connect with leading brands and how to embrace and use AI.  
SABC says, "We are delighted to be part of this exciting initiative that presents an opportunity for us to engage in a strategic and impactful manner with the influencer community, which includes content creators, influencers, industry professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs."

"For us as one of the largest content providers in the continent, we have developed a deliberate and well-considered approach to how we should be reaching out and continuously enticing, attracting and keeping our audiences captivated on our platforms," says Mmoni Seapolelo, acting GE of corporate affairs and marketing. 

"We are cognisant of the fact that the content creation and marketing environments have changed drastically in the last few years, and the need for influencer-based marketing has become more prominent, and we cannot be left behind. It is against this background that we did not doubt that a great association with platforms such as the festival will culminate in fruitful mutually benefiting partnership," concludes Seapelo.

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