Podcasts, being mostly one-way communication, present a unique set of challenges to the host — like not receiving feedback from their audience and finding the same five tips in every Internet article they read. 

Podcasters often have great ideas or information to share but need to pay more attention to the importance of being a good speaker and presenter. Presenting skills can make or break their delivery and are necessary to keep an audience engaged and listening.

The hardest work only begins after someone starts listening. Audiences should want to keep listening because if a podcaster says something really profound in a forest and no one is around to hear it, did they really say it?

media update's Joreke Kleynhans has compiled a list of practical skills you can start implementing today to become a better podcast host.

Did you learn some new tips, or even get reminded of some old ones? Leave a comment to let us know which tips you'll be applying to your podcast from now on.

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**Information sourced from NBC.