The campaign was first launched internally and it is to be followed by a phased approach starting in mid-May. 

"The proposition of the campaign centres around 'talent', the duality of our traditional values, innovative ideas, philosophy and the power of bringing 'both' to solving for our clients and society," says RMB chief marketing officer Alison Badenhorst.

Badenhorst adds, "We continuously find ourselves in an environment where we need to bring both sides to work every day. It plays out in many ways, whether it's speeding up execution while continuing to collaborate, keeping the human touch while we digitise, or ensuring high performance while keeping wellness top of mind."

Badenhorst says this is a dichotomy faced by staff and clients alike.

"Our clients are also grappling with these realities," Badenhorst adds. "How do they remain profitable but also think of their carbon footprint? How do they ensure it's not just about the short-term returns, but also about providing long-term investments that would benefit communities?"

RMB says that it believes that the magic lies in both — and talent is how this gets solved.

Badenhorst adds, "RMB positions itself as a bank that appeals to diverse talent and skills, thereby creating an environment where our people can find purpose in their work."

The campaign messaging has legs to work across geographies, showcasing capabilities and expertise as well as tapping into relevant contexts.

This new brand campaign was developed in partnership with brand agency Grid Worldwide.

Clinton Bridgeford, executive creative director of Grid Worldwide, says, "RMB has always been known for its intelligent communication and this campaign is no different. Grid has taken RMB's legacy of diverse talent and its long-standing business philosophy of traditional values and innovative ideas and articulated it in a fresh and innovative way."

"We are excited about the work and believe it supports both our client and people strategies while positioning us positively within our markets," concludes Badenhorst.

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