In 2020, Travel Tractions expanded its business offering to include The Marketing Mill and improve its internship programme. At the same time, the agency created and implemented an online content marketing course with a focus on SEO copywriting to be used internally.

The company was founded in South Africa but has since spread its roots to other places in the world. Many members of the team have operated from places such as:
  • Greece
  • Bali
  • Amsterdam
  • Spain, and
  • the United States of America.
Now in 2021, a second course focused on SEO has been created to advance the internship offering. Founder Matt Davison says, "We are very passionate about showing people how to make an income online. And when Covid-19 hit our travel marketing agency, we had a lot of free time on our hands. It made a lot of sense to develop a course to formalise our learnings in a structured way."

The team says that it has plans to create more courses and release them to the public at a later date. Individuals are encouraged to sign up for course updates here

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