JP as a former international cricketer and his wife Sue is an influencer, entrepreneur and mother. 

According to EF-Actve, JP and Sue's endorsement is a fitting one. With shared and respected values, the power duo will grace EF-Active's new outdoor media billboard campaign, under the banner of 'Protecting Our Family'.

"EF-Active has become part of our daily routine and we are delighted to be associated with such a high-quality brand," says JP and Sue.

From October, commuters can expect to see the billboard across the country. The campaign aims to encourage consumers to take precautions and to act responsibly, every single day, during compromising times.

"EF-Active's 75% alcohol sanitiser range was developed to assist in averting and reducing our exposure to infection and help protect families, everywhere," says EF-Active. 

The brand says that it has been acknowledged as a trustworthy brand and holds a secure market penetration. EF-Active says that it wants to have consumers engage and share EF-Active's investment in keeping every individual safe — not only as lockdown restrictions lift but also well into the future.

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